by Erik Koht

streamers This is a "don´t-try-this-at-home”-trick. It’s going to make small explosions and vast quantities of pink smoke, Not the stuff you want for your living room or kitchen. A small island on a lake would do better, You need to protect yourself with a full facial mask, lab coat and gloves. Better : Don’t do this experiment at all.

This is all about showing what happens to 30 metric tonnes of aeroplane when consumed by fuel. Then add a few quarts of water. All these elements were present in the Twin Towers.

So, for our experiment on the little island on the lake, we will be needing a flat and level rock surface, 300 grams of aluminium foil, representing the body of the plane, a few spoonfuls of iodine representing fuel, and a water pistol for squirting water from a distance, You don’t need matches. Put the somewhat crumpled foil on the rock surface. Do not hold in hand. Now pour the iodine on the foil.

Time to step away, Time for the little pistol. Are you dressed properly? Try hitting the foil with a few drops of water. Soon thick smoke will be emanating. This water represents water aboard the plane and water in the building, swept up by the moving plane. Fire extinguishers supplied ample water on every floor.

This would cause a series of explosions spraying molten aluminium great distances, spraying the facade of WTC 7.

By the way, all this is courtesy of Christian J. Simensen of SINTEF. Look them up.