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Baltic States: Estonia and Latvia 2003, 2005

DSC01733-2 DSC01738-2 DSC01764B-2 DSC01769-2 DSC01024 DSC01031 DSC01039 DSC01729-2 cesis-latvia

Baltic States: Lithuvania 2003

DSC00994 DSC00997 DSC01005 DSC01006 DSC00961 DSC00966 DSC00975 DSC00988 DSC00936

DSC00939 DSC00946 DSC00918 DSC00921 DSC00926 DSC00914


Bilde 7-Brøtsøy Scan10001 Scan10006 Scan10061 Scan10082 Scan10086 Scan10091 Scan10788

Scan10859 Scan10860

Britain: Big Ben and all that

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China: Li Zhuang

File017-Li Zhuang. File015-Li Zhuang. File004-Li Zhuang. File008-Li Zhuang File010-Li Zhuang. 222 (99) 222 222 (94) 222 (5)

222 (93) 222 (2) 222 (112) 222 (109) 222 (101) 222 (108) 222 (1) 222 (100)


Scan10786 Scan10829 Scan10830 Scan10832 Scan10860 Scan10075 scan10084 scan10103 Scan10758

Scan10055 kopi Scan10056 Scan10057 Scan10070 Scan10072 scan10073 Scan10013 kopi Scan10017 Scan10032

scan10041 scan10048 scan10007 scan10001

France: Collioure, La Vie En Rose

collioure-1 collioure-2 collioure-3 collioure-4 collioure-5 collioure-6 collioure-7 collioure-8 collioure-9

collioure-10 collioure-11 collioure-12 collioure 075

France: Parade, and a Few Observations, A

parade-0 parade-1 parade-2 parade-3 parade-4 parade-5 parade-6

France: Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Cheese

DSC02349 File70 File73 imagesizer-1 imagesizer-2 imagesizer-3 imagesizer-4 imagesizer-5 imagesizer-6

imagesizer-7 imagesizer

Men Working

5982486 5982498 5982526 5982540 5982552 5982563 5982614 5982878 Scan10027

Norway: Buildings and Landscapes

5966064 5966080 5966087 5966090 5966094 5966109 IMG_0049 Scan10759 Scan10767

Scan10050 Scan10067 Scan10068 IMG_0049 Scan10049 aaroenes_romsdal

Norway: Ferrytales

6039200 6039206 6039193 6039198 6039186 6039190 6039176 DSC02781

Norway: In the Valdres Valley

Scan10050 Scan10067 Scan10050 kopi scan10048 Scan10050 kopi 2 Scan10037 Scan10030 5927872 5928125

5927725 5927769 5927811 5927641 5927675

Norway: Kragerø

DSC02871 DSC02872 DSC02873 DSC02876 DSC02880 DSC02882 DSC02883 DSC02884-rettet krageroe-piker

krageroe-solvegg kopi

Norway: Oslo in the 'Eightie

s scan10763 scan10771 scan10772 Scan10789 scan10790 scan10831 scan10739 scan10747 scan10749

scan10753 scan10081 scan10086 scan10093 scan10099 scan10736 scan10072 scan10076 scan10079

Scan10066 kopi scan10066 scan10067 Scan10065-b Scan10048 scan10053 scan10056 scan10060 scan10062

Scan10038 scan10041 scan10042 scan10030 scan10031 Scan10036 scan10027 Scan10028 scan10029

imagesizer-6.jpeg nordmark-vann

Norway: Small Towns and "How-Can-Anyone-Live-There?"-Places.

5993613 5993622 5993633 5993646 5993663 5993668 5993672 5993680 5993725

6000623 6000632 6000634 6000647 6000650 6000656 6000659 6000666 6000677


Norway: Stone

Scan10049-b scan10050 kopi Scan10013 Scan10018 Scan10032 Scan10035 DSC02179 Scan10004 Scan10006

Scan10011 DSC02174 DSC02175

Norway: Vegetation

DSC00608 DSC00611 DSC01455 DSC01458 DSC02044 DSC02212 2- hoestlyng juvikabukett-2003 lyng-vegg

nattogdag Scan10011 kopi Scan10020 Scan10022 Scan10024 Scan10026 Scan10031 Scan10033 Scan10037

Scan10038 Scan10040 Scan10042 kopi Scan10047 Scan10054 scan10055 Scan10059 Scan10078 Scan10079

Scan10096 Scan10783 skog2 spring

Norway: Vestlandet

DSC01932 DSC01969 3 DSC01912 DSC01916 DSC01894 DSC01906 2 17-DSC02178 BILDE-4 13-DSC01923

14-DSC02188 15-DSC02172 16-DSC02170 11-DSC02204 12-DSC02199 07-brunsvika-laksemaerd 08-DSC02130 09-DSC02160 10-DSC02166

05-DSC01551 2-Bergen 06-bergen2 01-brggge-radiotarn 02-gangvei-by-blomstring 03-DSC02015 04-DSC02022

People in Public Places

5940238 5940248 5940256 5940264 5940268 5940272 5940493 5940530 5940538

5940545 5940576 5940597

Photoshop - Worth the Trouble

tunis.jpeg hvisker-x2.jpeg latvia.jpeg strand-2x hjul4 hornelen-x2.jpeg


Scan10761 Scan10769 Scan10094 Scan10097 Scan10102 Scan10741 Scan10749 Scan10068 Scan10077

Scan10093 Scan10026 Scan10040 Scan10048 Scan10053 Scan10059 furuset-i-frognerparken gea-bader Scan10008

Scan10016 Scan10020-b DSC00753-elin og christoffer nyfødt Bilde 14

Portugal: Streets of Lisboa

Scan10130 Scan10133 Scan10126 Scan10127 Scan10129 Scan10125 Scan10108 Scan10114 Scan10119

Scan10102 Scan10103 Scan10104

Remembrance of Things Past

imagesizer-+ imagesizer-1 imagesizer-2 imagesizer-3 imagesizer-4 imagesizer-5 imagesizer-6 imagesizer

Tunis 2006

222 (14)-Tunisia File150 File152 File156 File157 File166 File171 File172 File173

File180 File182 File185 File193 File194 File198 File199

Water Ripples

Scan10075 Scan10826 Scan10854 DSC02202 Scan10042 Scan10073

Wonderful World of Feet Only, The

imagesizer-1 imagesizer-2 imagesizer-3 imagesizer-4 imagesizer-5 imagesizer-6 imagesizer-7 imagesizer-8 imagesizer-9


World: Point of Sale

IMG_0454 Scan10066 Scan10773 Scan10791 DSC03018 DSC03026 File063 File187 222 DSC00935

DSC00974 DSC01692 DSC03008 Bilde 35 DSC00931

World: Ruins

222 (55) 5966084 DSC00989 DSC00990 DSC00999 DSC01011 DSC01754 File142 File143

File163 File219 File288

World: Small Boats

scan10858 Scan10833 Scan10843 scan10856 scan10103 scan10755 scan10764 scan10766 scan10003

scan10030 scan10032 scan10034 dsc02709 p1000600 regnbue-gutt-baater DSC02071 DSC02248 DSC02016