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Stone relief from pre-Christian era on exterior wall of Nøtterøy Church, Vestfold, Norway.


Erik I got my graphic design exam in Germany, at the Werkkunst- Schule Münster. After Germany I have lived and worked in Oslo, Norway.


These were created 2007 onwards for the discussion forum There I am known as Erik the Read.


These were originally written in Norwegian, but I wanted to share them English-speaking friends. All stories are super short.

Photo Safari

i had given up, but the invention of auto-focus saved this short-sighted photographer. Here I present more than 150 photos, some are also used to illuminate my essays and stories.

Other Stuff

with some amazing historical photos.



I’m approaching retirement but continue to work part time as a professor of political science at the Oslo and Akershus University College. My 30 years at HiOA have been interrupted by periods abroad of three years at the American University in the US to get my PhD and as visiting lecturer at the University of Latvia for 1.5 years.

I've always been involved in voluntary work. Currently I chair the local history association that covers the district of Grefsen, Kjelsås, and Nydalen in Oslo and I’m active in the Norwegian Neighborhood Federation.

New Articles

I reviewd recently a book about the experiences with academic reforms at the universities in the Baltic countries after independence in the Czech journal Současná Evropa.

Electronic Publications

Other Articles

You can find a list of my academic articles on the website of

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