Eriks fortellinger / Stories


Inheritance sandstrand

Was anyone out there still fighting? I don't think so, dead people don't. From what we could determine from our stretch of African beach, civilisation as we knew it was at an end.


"You seem so distant today, Grandma, have you been dreaming again?" Ellie seated herself next to her grandmother on the sofa with the flower patterned covers.


Laura was at the stove, preparing a simple vegetable soup. Maybe she should have planned something heartier because all the hauling she had been doing had left her famished.


A sculptor hew the figure of a beautiful woman from a block of fine marble. The statue was perfect in every way. As he stood admiring his work, it was inevitable that the young sculptor should fall in love with his creation.

And Again -

"Yes. the taste was definitely familiar," she thought, sitting with her current lover in some cellar bistro. Candlelight reflected ruby red through the liquid in her hand. Surely, centuries must have passed since last she encountered this overwhelming bouquet of flowers and honey and detected this trace of black earth. She held her glass limply...



We are all given the same possibilities at birth and have the same potential for a good life. That's what we've been telling ourselves for ages. That's what we like to think.


He spotted it. He dared dream he spotted it first: Hollywood was producing more films based on novels with tragic endings by a factor of 0.26% on the Doublenight curve.


""They though it was going to be a rodent exterminator or something like that." Ann-Mary explained, "So it was not easy for me to get the type of education I needed."


New sermons were no longer being written. What would be the use of that? Scientists and learned men had spent a thousand years and more just thinking, writing and speaking. It was all there.


In a time I once thought of as my own, now centuries distant in different future, I knew too much, asked too much and talked too much. So I was sentenced to this kind of death. They shaved my head and tattooed the Papal mark on my skull. For my protection.


When whirling dust mixes with methane rain, it's not a good time to enjoy the out-of-doors. The wizards sought shelter as best they could in small groups below protective ledges of rock or under the delta wings of their flitters.

Depiction fox

Even though the Fox had already sunk his teeth into the neck of the Rabbit, the Rabbit dared interrupt the course of Nature by asking: "Am I going to Heaven or Hell now?"

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